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The End

…   but some things will continue.

After 5 years of trading products from Vanuatu to New Zealanders, I’m finishing that part of the Lav Kokonas journey, effective from 1st April 2017.

So get in while you can.   Everything has 20% off – last orders taken on 29th March.

ADD the coupon at checkout   20%NOW


THANK YOU  if you have been a customer.

My customers have enabled the projects to go ahead.

There’s still more to come, however, I need to find a less exhausting way of funding myself to continue with “paying it forward in Vanuatu”.    Mamma’s Laef continues to gather a lot of interest and this is where most of my Vanuatu energy is being directed at this current time.   The impact this project, in particular, is having within Vanuatu is overwhelming.   Mamma’s Laef, really epitomises my ethos of “paying it forward in Vanuatu”.


Mi lukim yu



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