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The last taboo across the Pacific ?

Here is an opportunity for you


There has been a lot of interest from both New Zealand and Australia along with ex pats living in Vanuatu, wishing to help.

Washable Sanitary Pad kits made up of 2 shields and 8 liners
Washable Sanitary Pad kits made up of 2 shields and 8 liners

One way you can help is to SPONSOR a school girl with a full kit of washable sanitary pads.


For $20 (Aussie or NZ)





We will provide a school girl with a full kit, consisting of 2 Shields and 8 Liners.

Its life expectancy is approximately  4 years – equivalent of about $0.41 per monthly period.

Once we have enough sponsored kits, we will arrange to distribute the kits to an entire class at a school on a remote island. This will ensure that no girl in a class misses out.

Having access to menstrual hygiene means that girls WILL be able to stay in school all year round, not just when they don’t have their periods.   It’s as simple as that.


To make a cash donation, either deposit directly to 06-0529-0454109-06 or by PAYPAL to [email protected]

For those outside of New Zealand, the best option is to use the PAYPAL method of payment, to avoid hefty bank charges on international fund transfer fees.

The project is not a registered charity. If you wish to discuss details, please contact me by email to: [email protected]


Since feeling brave enough to share this project publicly,

I have had incredible support from women in Australia who have made donations of

  • Sewing kits
  • Sewing Machines
  • An overlocker
  • A hand operated cutting machine, to allow us to cut multiple shields at one time.
  • Transporting items to Vanuatu at no charge.


In New Zealand

  • Spotlight stores have been supportive in selling me most of their clearance stock of appropriate flannelette.
  • A donated overlocker
  • Days for Girls NZ, have continued their support on technical issues around increasing production.
  • People with access to shipping containers, giving us space to get items to Vanuatu, at no charge.
  • People helping freight carton from Nelson to wherever the shipping containers are!  😆
  • People sharing Facebook posts to encourage others to come on board in some way.


Talking about menstruation isn’t easy in any culture.  The Mamma’s Laef project is really touching the lives of many women – both in Vanuatu and elsewhere.   It’s a fact of life.  Letting people know what we are doing, in such a public way, can only help to break down some of the taboo that surrounds menstruation.

Sometimes we have to be bold.


Mi lukim yu






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