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The V Factor

If you are regular visitor, or have lived in Vanuatu, you will no doubt have heard or referred to, the V Factor.   The V factor can mean several things, sometimes positive and sometimes not quite you were expecting. It can be ….

  • The thing is late
  • The thing is early
  • The thing is expected
  • The thing is unexpected
  • The thing is never going to work out because of roadblocks
  • The thing happened without you expecting it to

… and so on and so forth. 

 The Nabanga Pikinini connection

Pauline is a long time resident of Vanuatu and has given Vanuatu an incredible legacy of the Nabanga Pikinini series of books.  The books retell oral traditions, but in print and are beautifully depicted with beautiful local artwork.  It was in early 2016  Pauline and I met for a coffee and chatted about the progress of the Pango project (now Mammas Laef Vanuatu).  Her mind clearly started to think about our situation and how to get a kick start to help us on our way.  The link, or the V Factor was, Nabanga Pikinini.  Pauline through the Nabanaga Pikinini Association had reignite the John Bent Memorial Fund to support ni Vanuatu teachers in training. The John Bent Memorial Fund has been a support for many student teachers over the years.

John Bent, a Brit, had lived in Vanuatu in the late 60’s and 70’s and taught at various schools, eventually being appointed as the British Government Education Officer for Central District.  On returning to England, John and his family continued their association with Vanuatu, by opening their home to many ni Vanuatu studying in England. 

It was through that Fund that we received our first financial donation.  Since then we have emailed and chatted through messenger with Aidan;  the son of John, who has kept a strong connection with Vanuatu after all those years.   This week, Mary and Jack finally had the chance to meet Aidan, at a function at Pauline’s house .  To be able to finally thank Aidan and his family for their faith and encouragement in those early days, was a very special moment.

Mary with Aidan Bent and Rufino Pineda
Smol storian with Rufino and Aidan
Jack and Aidan

To Aidan and his family and the memory of John Bent – tank yu tumas, mifala i fulap wetem glad heart.

And so the V factor has been present in many forms over the years.

Mi lukim yu


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