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It’s time to fold up my market gazebo

Go finis (bislama) – a term used to indicate you are finished here, completed, job done!

After attending the Saturday market in Nelson, for the past 190 weekends, and attending well over 300 markets since March 2013, I’m having a change of direction.


Lav Kokonas was set up to enable me to initiate projects in Vanuatu (importing Vanuatu products to sell in New Zealand, to use the profits to fund the projects).   The pathway has taken a few different turns along the way, but always with a focus on enabling ni Vanuatu to empower themselves in some way.


You can still buy products on the shop website in the meantime.    A lot of the products will be on sale to clear the decks for a new focus.   Keep an eye out on Facebook where I will load the specials.   If you are in my local region and wish to take advantage of free delivery (Nelson – Richmond area), you can contact me directly on 0274 434 128 to place your order over the phone, or by email [email protected]


Thanks to the loyal customers who were regular buyers at The Nelson Market.   I appreciate your support and encouragement – particularly on those VERY dreary winter days when the market was less populated.    Some of you have become friends, and I hope that you will consider taking your annual winter holidays into Vanuatu and experience some of the beauty and wonder that is Vanuatu.


Oh how I am looking forward to a sleep-in on Saturday mornings.

Mi lukim yu


Hibiscus in Vanuatu Flowers in Vanuatu




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