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Has your Virgin Coconut Oil melted in this heat?

Temperatures this summer have been pretty hot for New Zealand.   My kitchen started at about 23 degrees this morning and by early evening when the sun was streaming onto the bench, it was over 30 degrees.   That’s not our usual temperature inside the house.

So with these warmer than usual temperatures, how’s your Virgin Coconut Oil surviving?

It will be fine, don’t worry about it melting – it is of course, the natural state for coconut oil.

You will have discovered that when the mercury hits around 24 degrees, your Virgin Coconut Oil starts to melt, and as the day cools off or perhaps overnight, the oil may re-solidify.   Don’t panic, this process of liquefying then solidifying is perfectly fine and doesn’t compromise the quality of the oil.   We do recommend that you keep your jar in a cool dark place, but even the pantry seems to be fairly warm the last few days.

If you wish to quickly cool the oil, you can pop the jar into the fridge.   I have found that cooling the oil quickly from a complete liquid state seems to give Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil a really creamy texture too – so you might like to try that.   If you simply allow the oil to go solid of its own accord, you may notice that the texture alters slightly.  Because Virgin Coconut Oil is made up of a number of different fatty acids, they all solidfy at different rates and temperatures, that is where you may get a slight grittiness to the texture – it is simply the fatty acids.   No need for concern.


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