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Washable Sanitary Pads & Menstruation education delivered

Another trip into Vanuatu focussing mainly on Mamma’s Laef washable sanitary pad production, delivery of kits and the provision of menstrual and reproductive health education.


Chamber of Commerce Vanuatu generously allowed us to use their facility to comlete the on line training in introduction to menstrual and reproductive health.   A great experience in learning some basic computer skills and also some interesting discussions around the course content.

img_20160908_112359 img_20160908_112355

An ex pat teacher allowed us to use her data projector, to make the presentation more visible.   Ueli school is in the area where mains electricity has recently become available, so it made sense to use a data projector if we could.   Another great connection with ex pats based around Efate who are supportive of our team.


Practice makes perfect. So that is just what we did, with a dress rehearsal to some local girls from Pango Primary school.

Roselyn practicing the subject of charting your menstruation Mene practicing the education area about Self Defence for women Marise practicing the area of Human Trafficking in the education tool we are using at the moment Mary and Tousong explaining the life cycle of menstruation in our practice time

We hired a bus for the day and drove north to Ueli Junior Secondary School.   Six female teachers sat in during the presentation, in which each of our mamma’s took turns to present different topics.   The 83 girls were a great audience, keenly paying attention and asking questions – I was surprised at the girls lack of inhibition, that was so encouraging.   At the end of the session the mammas spoke with the girls on a one to one basis if the girls had specific questions about themselves. The teachers’ feedback was positive and also encouraging.

At Ulei Junior Secondary School - after the successful presentation on reproductive and menstrual health Girls listening about reproductive and menstrual health Our team ready to present on menstrual health 182 Teachers from Ulei school happy to learn more about reproductive and womens health 207

There were 26 girls who had been stood down from school due to non payment of their school fees (around $1500 NZ per year), so we gave their kits to the teachers to ensure those girls didn’t miss out on their gifts.


All in all, it was a great day and a wonderful start for Mamma’s Laef in being a one stop shop for the manufacturing of menstrual hygiene solutions, the delivery of the kits and now, of the relevant education too.

From the Mammas Laef team and the girl recipients of the kits; thanks so much to those who donated the funds to pay for the washable sanitary pad kits.   Those people are:

Eve, Anne, Barbara, Jacqui, Willie, Krista, Sue Wendy, Jo, Kathy, Sandi, Janine, Pam, Kathy, Lynn, MRJ, Sharon, Bridie, Martine, Andre, Sue, Rena, Lenore, Sal, Cindy, Sharon, Irene, Olwynne, Sheena, Joanne, Angela, Shaz, LKS, JLH, REM, JK, Elizabeth, Sherylyn, Carolina, Jean, Lyla, Leanne, Kathy M, Paula K, Paula, Mary, Joan, Beth, Maree, Jane, Alli, Rhonda, Marion, Fiona, Kimberley, Pat, Robyn, Sue, Sandra, Glinda, Sue, Helen, Leah, Claire, Rachel, Raewyn, Carey

Some of the girls who received their very own menstrual hygiene management kits

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