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Yasur Mountain FAIR TRADE Coffee

With the success of our sales of the X grade Yasur Mountain GROUND coffee – we are pleased to tell you that we are now stocking premium grade Yasur Mountain Whole Beans in 200g packs.  $8.20 per 200g pack.

Here’s what happens on Tanna Island for those farmers who are part of the group which this coffee originates from.

“Unlike most coffee farmers around the world, our farmers share in the Dried Green Bean sale price. Normally farmers sell their parchment coffee [like a cashew nut] to a local buyer where it’s processed into a naked bean [Dried Green Bean]. INIK Co-op collects the dry parchment before JV Partner Tanna Coffee Plantations processes to DGB. They then hold and sell the DGB for the best price possible.   INIK and TCP meet and decide how any profit will be spent. Whether it be bonuses for the growers, training programs, new coffee plants, loans, or new machinery.   Tanna Island Coffee supersedes fairtrade guidelines with ease.”


If this doesn’t impress you, then the taste will.

This is Coffee with a Conscience.


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