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Certified Organic Turmeric

Certified Organic Turmeric SOLD HERE

Did you know that we stock Certified Organic Turmeric?   Turmeric is certainly receiving a lot of media attention of late. Lav Kokonas are proud to stock Venui brand Certified Organic Turmeric - available in 80g resealable pouches for $8.20 off…

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Vanuatu Birth Registration

Birth registration in Vanuatu

I was intrigued today,  to read this blog from Unicef Pacific on a topic, which I hadn't considered until now. Birth registration and therefore birth certificates in Vanuatu and the impact they hold on the future of the owner. I…

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The 5 minute-at-home Coconut Oil Mini Facial

You need just three things Lav Kokonas Virgin Coconut Oil                  2.            Facecloth                             3.            Hot water Use about a dessertspoon of coconut oil, massage into face.  You can do this treatment even if your skin is prone to blemishes, because virgin…

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Coffee Lovers Rejoice

Vanuatu's Tanna Island grown coffee has arrived at Lav Kokonas HQ.   We have a limited supply of ORGANIC volcano-fertilised (nature does it best) BEYOND fair trade coffee. 200g ground beans Pack for a SPECIAL price of $7.50 per pack - freight…

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Flying Solo – part 2

Johnas and I had made arrangements to travel together to stay overnight in his village, Namoru.  Ni - Vanuatu sometimes refer to time as "white man time" when making arrangements to meet,  so I was delighted when Johnas arrived on time.  I appreciated…

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